This project builds on the success of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee in Afghanistan, the Civil Society Defence Reform Platform in Palestine, and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala. The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (Nezalezhny Antikorrupciynii Komitet z pytan oborony, or NAKO) is a joint international and Ukrainian monitoring group supported by Ukraine-based Secretariat and UK-based Transparency International Defence and Security programme. The NAKO will be financially and operationally independent from government, but will work with other defence anti-corruption bodies that are currently forming within the Ministry of Defence (MOD). By being independent from the government, MOD and military, and being seen that way by the public, it will help the MOD communicate positive steps it’s taking to the broader public in a way that the latter will trust. TI intends for the NAKO to build on the work of the volunteers, not duplicate it, and to provide an added level of capability through enabling access to high-level international defence expertise.


Aims of the project are:


  • Monitoring and evaluating efforts to reduce corruption and corruption risks within the defence sector of Ukraine, to include risks in the provision of international security assistance and military aid.
  • Developing anti-corruption recommendations for the defence sector, and advocating for and monitoring their implementation. Supporting reform efforts with technical advice where possible and where this does not present a conflict of interest with the NAKO’s monitoring role.
  • Providing open, regular analysis and reporting to the President, Government, Parliament, Ukrainian people, and the international community, about the state of the fight against corruption in the defence sector. This involves analysing defence sector corruption and identifying structures of corrupt networks.
  • Promoting transparency of defence sector establishments and, in conjunction with international partners, facilitating communication and openness between the Ministry of Defence, civil society and the public.
  • Contributing to policy through input and evaluation of the Strategic Defence Bulletin, National Security Strategy, and other policies as it relates to anti-corruption in the defence and security sector.
  • Strengthening international and national accountability structures as they relate to anti-corruption in defence, particularly the Rada.
  • Enabling citizen feedback through the creation, resourcing, and maintenance of a feedback reporting mechanism to receive complaints related to corruption in the defence sector and to provide advice regarding possible legal proceedings. Grounded suspicions of corruption will be forwarded to relevant law enforcement agencies.


Biographies of NAKO members:


Lieutenant General Timothy Evans CB CBE DSO: A 3 star General in the British Army and former Commander of the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

Drago Kos (co-chair): Former Anti-Corruption Commissioner in Slovenia, Former Chair of GRECO, and current Chair of the OECD Working Group on Bribery. “I’ve been coming to Ukraine for 15 years and for the first time I feel the country is ready for real change – and it’s time to include the defence sector too.”

Sevgil Musaieva: Editor in Chief of Ukrainska Pravda and author of investigative reports for Reuters, Forbes Ukraine, and the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. “I understood the problems of a weak defence sector when Crimea, my region, was annexed. So for me, it’s personal—I want to make the our armed forces more transparent and effective.”

Oleh Rybachuk (co-chair): Chairman of Centre UA, co-initiator of Chesno Campaign, and former Vice Prime Minister for European Integration and Chief of Staff to the president.

Volodymyr Ogryzko: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, First Deputy Secretary Defence and Security Council of Ukraine. “We badly need international support to fight corruption in Ukraine.”

James Wasserstrom: Former Head of Oversight of Public Utilities at the UN Mission in Kosovo, Senior Advisor on Anti-Corruption at the US Embassy Kabul, and strategy advisor and lead anti-corruption at the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. “Countries in conflict are always immense opportunities for nefarious activities, especially corruption, profiteering, and egregious mismanagement. I look forward to this body tackling all of the above.”




Ukrainian – Sevgil Musaeva,, +38 050 217 1817

English – Leah Wawro,, +44 789 4219638




Duration: March 2016 – December 2018[V1]

Donor: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project Coordinator: Viktor Plakhuta


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