Strategic vision

Working towards completion of our strategy, in 2018 we see ourselves as an organization that can boast of a solid analytical potential, works to scrutinize current anti-corruption policies of the state, and drives towards a full-fledged policy center.

In the future:

We are a strong chapter of the global movement that envisions the world where governmental structures, business circles, the civil society and people’s everyday life are free of corruption in all its manifestations. In 2018, we have a strong analytical component, our main activity is development and analysis of anti-corruption policies in Ukraine, we are on our way to becoming a full-fledged policy center. We are now in transition between an activist organization and a policy center.

Our mission:

To reduce the level of corruption in Ukraine by encouraging transparency, accountability and integrity of the government and the civil society.

Our strategic priorities:

Open and good governance


  • Creation of a monitoring infrastructure to increase integrity and efficiency of public procurement and sales
  • Development of the Open Parliament initiative and proper implementation of the standards of the global initiative Open Government Partnership 

Zero tolerance to corruption


  • Information and mobilizational anti-corruption campaigns on the national level
  • Monitoring of the efficiency of investigation of the Yanukovych regime abuses
  • Strengthening the integrity of the Ukrainian business, namely: analytical and monitoring work (consulting businesses, writing anti-corruption policies, compliance policy; rankings).
  • Monitoring of manifestations of conflict of interests in the activity of top-ranking officials
  • Development and implementation of mechanisms of controlling the transparency of political finances
  • Encouraging free access to public databases and registers

Effective Anti-Corruption Campaigners


  • Legal and organizational support of corruption whistleblowers
  • Information and consulting support of anti-corruption campaigners
  • Fostering the creation and development of anti-corruption governmental agencies, particularly, the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption
  • Development of thematic and regional partnership networks of anti-corruption campaigners
  • Reboot of the Ukrainian judiciary and reassessment of their personnel + anti-corruption court

Strategic priorities for Transparency International Ukraine for 2016-2018

Vision, priorities and initiatives for Transparency International Ukraine 2018