Join Us!

If you are ready to join meaningful change, you absolutely have to join the team of Transparency International Ukraine.

Transparency International Ukraine is a team of professionals who want, through their work, to make real impact and reduce the level of corruption in Ukraine.

If you are interested in working with TI Ukraine, start your search from here. All the current vacancies are represented on our website. Check them out and send us your resume and cover letter.

You can also get experience with TI Ukraine doing an internship with us. Internships are a great opportunity to learn more about our activity by joining one of our current projects.

Our work is based on 7 key values:

  1. Unity – we are a team united by a common goal. Our team works in the atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and responsibility.
  2. Openness – we are open, accountable and honest in our activity.
  3. Proactivity – we do not wait for change, we make it.
  4. Efficiency – we achieve good results with optimal use of resources and account for it.
  5. Balance – we do not see the world in black and white; we strive for balance in our statements and actions. Our activity is constructive.
  6. Systemic approach – we analyze both the consequences and the reasons, suggesting and implementing comprehensive resolutions and mechanisms
  7. Innovation – we do not walk the same old ineffective path; we are ready to take a risk to find a new effective strategy. We think outside the box.

Are you interested what work wit TI Ukraine can give you?

  • Involvement in the process of real change in the country
  • Work in projects and with systems recognized as the best in Ukraine and on the international level
  • Opportunities for professional and personal development
  • International business trips
  • Opportunities for networking with people who share your values
  • A passionate, unstoppable team