Date and time of the event:


On March 25, Transparency International Ukraine will hold a panel discussion on “Procurement monitoring in a digital world: Best practices” as a Knowledge Partner of the virtual 2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

We will discuss the existing corruption risks in Covid-19 spending as well as propose ways to mitigate the probability of their occurrence by strengthening the role of civil society in monitoring the Covid-19 spending. 

The outbreak of Covid-19 in the world forced governments to rapidly adjust to new conditions and simplify procurement procedures to provide all needed equipment and protective gear to save lives. However, it was also important to ensure proper and quick spending of the limited budget costs without violations, considering the urgent character and significant amounts of budget funds spent curbing the pandemic. 

The aim of this panel is to highlight positive experiences of monitoring Covid-19 procurement in different countries, thanks to open and clean procurement processes, and discuss tendencies in Covid-19 procurement around the world. 


The online discussion will be joined by:

  • Jonathan Cushing, Head of Global Health Programme at Transparency International;
  • Viktor Nestulia, Senior Manager (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) at Open Contracting Partnership; 
  • Constantin Cearanovski, Member of Board at Initiativa Pozitiva;
  • Veronika Borysenko, Development manager at TI Ukraine.

To participate in the event please register using the link below: