The 7th Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit was held in Korea on December 15-17. Its main topics: strengthening public space, fighting corruption, and promoting inclusive digital innovation.
TI Ukraine joined one of the discussion panels at the OGP Global Summit: “The role of open data and analytical tools to ensure transparent and efficient public property management.”
“Complex and closed communication with the state where there is an economic interest is a favorable field for corruption. To change this and create an uncomfortable environment for corruption, it is necessary to digitalize communication, open up information and access to markets through e-tools,” Khrystyna Zelinska said during a panel on public property at the OGP Summit.

The head of the department noted that Prozorro and Prozorro.Sale can be considered successful examples in Ukraine. These systems are based on the “everyone sees everything” philosophy, reduce corruption risks, and increase economic benefits for the country and communities.
“Each country should clearly understand what its strategic policy is for managing public assets. In recent years, we have noticed how supporting innovations that eliminate unnecessary actions and corruption works for the country’s economy,” she concluded.
Let us remind you that the Ukrainian system Prozorro.Sale received a European award of the Open Government Award. The project competed in the category OGP Impact Awards as the one changing the country, improving the quality of life in society, and making the actions of the authorities open to citizens.