The High Anti-Corruption Court ruled former director of Centergaz guilty of embezzlement of UAH 8.6 million. This is the Court’s third “imprisonment” decision.

Former director of Centergaz, a subsidiary of VAT Kirovohradgaz, Kostiantyn Starovoit was ruled guilty by the panel of judges. They sentenced him to 8 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property and a ban on certain positions for 3 years.

The information comes from the video broadcast of the HACC and has been confirmed by Oleh Novikov from NABU Daily.

According to the investigators, before dismissal, Starovoit entered into a gas procurement agreement for Centergaz with a commercial company. Under this agreement, Centergaz was supposed to pay for the gas upfront. Otherwise, the seller did not have any obligations, and the enterprise had to pay a fine in the amount of 100% of the gas cost. This created a situation where an “artificial debt” of Centergaz could be established.

Knowing this, Starovoit paid only part of the amount, UAH 8.6 million. This effectively resulted in embezzlement, since the enterprise never received its gas.

This is the 15th decision of the Anti-Corruption Court. You can read about other cases of the High Anti-Corruption Court here: