On July 12, civil society organizations Anti-Corruption Action Center, DEJURE Foundation, Transparency International Ukraine and Automaidan issued a joint appeal to the High Council of Justice and the Commission on the High Corps of Public Service in the System of Justice urging them to organize a new competition for the position of HACC Deputy Chief of Staff.

The position of Deputy Chief of Staff is one of the key positions in the High Anti-Corruption Court, since it grants access to confidential information and to the Court’s financial resources.

The person winning the competition was Oksana Litvinova, who had previously worked as the Chief of Staff of Kyiv oblast Appeal Court, where she assigned herself and her deputy 400% bonuses illegally. Besides, the candidate did not disclose her husband’s assets in her 2018 electronic declaration.

Taking into account this and other publicly available information, civil society organizations urged not to appoint Litvinova for this position and to announce a new competition.

Oksana Litvinova called the information published in the statement and in the article on the AntAC website unsubstantiated, and our sources questionable.

We decided to answer Oksana Litvinova personally, explaining each of our points in detail.