Public organization “Transparency International Ukraine”( further – “TI Ukraine”) announces tender for purchase of service for development and testing of new features of the Public Portal

1. Service delivery/work performance: from June,20 2014 till July,31 2017.

2. Expected result: signing the contract. Receiving services for development and testing a new functional of the Public Portal in consistence with technical specification (Annex 1).

3. Necessary technical and qualification requirements for the purchase item:

#Necessary qualification requirements for supplier of goods or service provider Documents that verify the consistence with qualification requirements
1.Experience (no less than three years) in website development.An extract from NSR (the National State Registry) or similar document.
2.A reference list, which includes list of corporate clients with telephone number of contact persons.Annex #1 of the tender proposal: “A reference list, which includes list of corporative clients with telephone number of contact persons.”
3.Information about websites developed in 2016:

• Technologies used in websites development.

• Verified portfolio for development and sustaining the web portal similar by size.

Annex #2 of the tender proposal: “List, number and quality of websites developed in 2016 and technologies used”.
4.Whether in the company are:

• a web designer;

• a template designer (with experience more than 2 years, used to work with adaptation to popular mobile devices);

• a web developer (experienced in web sites created on the base of Laravel PHP Framework / October CMS);

• a data base developer (experienced in Elasticsearch, Lucene);

• project coordinator.


Tender proposal


5.A right to engage in entrepreneurial activity in accordance with Ukrainian legislature:


 • a scanned copy of the Statute (for legal persons);• document that verifies a right of a person to sign a contract.

* Tender proposals should comply with necessary technical and qualification requirements and meet the assessment criteria and evaluation standards. Inconsistence with one of the technical and qualification requirements of a participant’s tender proposal automatically leads to full disqualification of such tender proposal

4. Сriteria of tender proposal assessment consistent with necessary technical and qualification requirements and their contributive coefficients:

#Assessment CriteriaContributive CoefficientDocuments that verify compliance with criteria
1.Value of Services60Tender proposal
2.Technologies used in the development of websites in 2016, list and number of developed sites30Annex #2 of Tender proposal: “List, number and quality of websites developed in 2016 and used technologies.»
3.Experience, recommendations1010 Annex #1 of Tender proposal: “Reference list, which includes list of corporative clients with telephone number of contact persons.” and letters of Recommendations (if available).

Additional information (please fill out if necessary):
• participant of tender should give additional information in consistence with annex mentioned in technical and qualification requirements;
• for financial reporting on held event the Contractor should submit scanned copies of primary data.

TI Ukraine reserves the right at the moment of winner selection to recommend tender winner to increase or decrease at 15% amount of service with corresponding change in price or other requirement of tender proposal.

Tender proposal should include:

  1. Filled form of the Tender proposal (the form is attached).
  2. or similar document.
  3. Scanned copy of the Statute and the extract from the minutes about the chief appointment.
  4. The document that proves the right for signing the agreement (in case of availability).
  5. Credentials from corporate clients for 2016 (in case of availability).
  6. Reference list Appendix #1 that includes corporate clients and their contact phone numbers.
  7. Appendix #2 to the tender proposal; The list, number and quality of web-portals developed in 2016 and technology that was used.

Client’s authorized personnel is empowered to establish contact with tenderers.

For additional information, you may contact: Yevhen Bilyk, project manager of TI Ukraine.

E-mail:  [email protected]

Serhii Kulyk, ProZorro.Sale project coordinator at IT.

е-mail: [email protected]

The procedure of obtaining tender documents

The form of tender proposal is attached to the announcement.

Tender proposals should be sent in the electronic form at [email protected] and [email protected] with a title  “Tender for purchase of the services of development and testing of new software for the public portal».

The rules of execution of a tender proposal of a tenderer:

  • tenderers should submit proposals in the electronic form;
  • submitted  scanned copies should be legible and of high-quality;
  • it is a tenderer who bears the responsibility for authenticity of the submitted tender proposal;
  • tender proposal term should last less than 30 days since the expiration of proposal submission term;
  • tender proposal should be delivered to TI Ukraine in electronic form.
  • the tender proposal submitted when the deadline for proposals submission expires will be barred from competing.
  • only the tender proposals that meet the requirements mentioned in the Announcement and form of proposal will be evaluated by the Committee on Procurement Ratification.

Tender Proposals are to be submitted to [email protected] and [email protected]

The deadline for tender proposals submissions by tenderers is June 19, 2017, at 10:00 Kyiv time.

Opening of tender proposals of tenderers will take place on the June 19, 2017, at 12:00 Kyiv time.

Additional information (filled out if necessary):

-the tenderer is obliged to provide additionally the information in compliance with the Appendices that are mentioned in technical and qualification requirements.

When the winner is to be determined, TI Ukraine reserves the right to recommend to the winner to increase or decrease the amount of services by 15% with the change in price or other conditions of tender proposal.

The most beneficial tender proposal among those that meet the requirements of this Announcement and conditions of Tender proposal is determined by the Committee on Procurement Ratification in accordance with evaluation criteria mentioned in the tender proposal.

The winner of the procurement tendering will be determined within 3 business days since tender proposals opening. This timeframe can be extended not more than by 2 days in case written clarification of the information mentioned in tender proposals is needed.

The results of the procurement procedure will be announced by being published on the website of TI Ukraine and notifications being sent to the tenderers by mail or email within 5 (five) business days since the decision on the winner is taken.

The winner of the procurement tender will receive notification via email about the acceptance of their proposal within 5 business days since they are determined as such.

TI Ukraine reserves for itself the right to demand that the tenderers provide additional materials or information that prove compliance of particular regulations, proposals with the requirements of specification and legal person as a participant of the competitive tendering.

The tenderers agree that TI Ukraine should not return the materials submitted at any stage of competitive tendering.

Terms of reference for the development and testing of new functionality of the Public Portal
To increase the percentage of users moving to electronic platforms after visiting an auction lot page (lot pages are already viewed by suffucuent number of users) – An auction lot example from the first central database (Deposit Insurance Fund) – An auction lot example from the second central database (other state property). If the existing links are no longer relevant (auction ended or failed) to study the possible use of any lots in the status of “proposals reception period”.

Delivery Time
06/20/2017 – 07/31/2017

Required resources
• Web-designer
• Layout-designer (2+ years of experience, experience in adaptation to popular mobile devices)
• Web-developer (experience with websites built on the basis of Laravel PHP Framework / October CMS)
• Database Developer (experience with Elasticsearch, Lucene)
• Project Coordinator

Development and testing a new public portal functionality during the period of 20/06/2017 – 31/07/2017. Examples of tasks are located in the section “Example of suggestions for implementation and testing” of this document. The list of tasks is not complete and may vary depending on how goals are achieved. The tasks will be carried out in coordination with the current portal developer.

Current Public Portal key figures
• 29,705 Sessions
• 12,600 Users
• 106,876 Page Views
• 3.60 Pages per Session
• Avg. Session Duration – 00:05:22
Conversion rate is the percentage of Public Portal visits resulted in a conversion according to the goal.
1. View of a public bidding announcement – 70.42%
2. Jumps to Platform – 5.54%
Based on the graph for the last 4 months we can see that the percentage of views of the announcement of public bidding (auction page visits) is constantly growing
Based on this data it makes sense to work on Portal site sessions and visits of the Platform (development of Auction page) and not alter other parts of the Portal yet.
Examples of proposals for implementation and testing
Lot Page
1. Display a proposal to go to a poll for users who saw a few pages and did not go to the Platform
2. Submit a proposal Button
1. Standardize names (Add a request \ take part …)
2. Colors of the button. Make it more noticeable, experiment with colors
3. “Floating” button when moving up and down the page
4. Remove contacts from the block with the button
5. Add information about a deadline for receiving proposals (date of conducting plus the countdown of remaining XX days XX: XX hours)
3. Price
4. Prompts on how a Lot price is formed (when pointing at the price or ? icon near the price)
5. Try to display a price with a discount (depending on the field Lots are displayed (field tenderAttempts))
6. Try to understand what prevents a purchase: do not like the price, do not like an asset, few data on the asset, or a usability problem? A survey button to receive feedback on price / usability
7. Platforms Section
8. To select a Platform, you need to know how they differ. Still, we cannot divide them or display a rating in any way, so that there are no allegations for preferences to specific platforms.
9. To submit a proposal choose one of the platforms to take part in the auction
1. – add links
2. When going to the page, leave short information about the lot in the header, so that it would be possible to go back

• There should be a call to action. To update text in the section

1. Add a prompt with a few details from the page
2. Additional information about a lot
1. Documents.
1. Display a button on top, moving up and down documents.
2. Analysis of the documents uploads, add link counters
2. The period of acceptance of proposals
1. Make the general number of stages clearer for users. Display the current stage and information on transfer to the following stages
2. Near the Submit a proposal button display information about the end time of the proposal
1. A countdown to how much time is left to participate
3. A new Ask a question button (Clarify information about a lot) on top, next to the text description of the lot. Gradual transition to Platforms section when pressed.
1. Button clicks analysis
4. Add a section from the menu of the auction page
5. Optimize the location of sections on the page. Display only the main on top
6. Close information from some sections
1. Documentation
2. Periods
• Information about a customer

1. Heat map page. Find and fasten the analysis tool. Not yandex.metrika
2. Similar lots sections
1. Either on the side of the portal, or to create search on the index side. Send Lot ID to index – get 3 similar lots
2. – options of similar lots to start from
3. Users’ segments. Different lot descriptions for different types of users. Separately consider the possibility of separating users into separate segments
Home page
1. Instead of a parked page, display images based on categories
1. A designer is needed. To note down the main categories. Previous number of major categories (real estate, land, secured loans to individuals, etc.) – 15
2. Make a clear filter according to a classifier.
1. – an example to follow
3. Add prompts near filters
4. Update the Platform section on the home page and elsewhere, except the auction page
1. Add a filter over the Assets logo: All | Deposit Insurance Fund | Prozoro.Sales (Property)
1. Settings are already in the admin part of the website, display according to the settings.
Auction Emulator
It is needed to develop an interactive simulation of the current auction model. The task below is not final and may change.
1. When clicking on the link a Participant gets to the page where the initial lot cost is demonstrated (X, accidentally formed within the Z + -15%) and he is offered to make a closed price quotation / sealed bid (> = X)
2. After entering a closed price quotation the Participant gets to a page similar to the existing auction module (link).
1. In addition to the participant two bots take part in the auction. Both bots make a closed price quotation in size (B).
1. Bot 1 can go in all three rounds of the electronic auction, but may not increase the initial cost of lot (X) more than (A) percent for all three rounds of the auction. Thus, each round he increases the last biggest known proposal by (B) percent. Moreover, if the increase is not possible (X + A <X + B1 + B2 + B3), Bot 1 stops betting.
2. Bot 2 can go in all three rounds of auctions with probability of (C) percent. Bot 2 ties to the last biggest known proposal by (B) percent. If Bot 2 stops going in any round, he ends his participation in the auction so that his bid is not changed in each subsequent round.
2. Round time for the Participant is 3 minutes. Round time for Bot 1 and Bot 2 is 5 seconds. The pause between rounds is 5 seconds.
1. If the Participant made a bid in less than 3 minutes, his bid is accepted, and the next participant gets a turn (Bot 1 or Bot 2).
3. During the auction the Participant or the Bots cannot bid less than they previously did + the minimum step. The participant can skip a step and then his bid will be considered as the one made in the previous round or a closed price quotation (depending which occurred later).
4. There are 3 rounds of auctions.
5. At the end a general rating is formed on the auctions page from the highest to the lowest bids, Bots get deanonymized. When bids are the same, the preference is given to the one that was made earlier.
• X – the initial cost of a lot
• Z – constant for the formation of the initial cost of a lot
• A – ultimate limit of the percentage increase for quotation by Bot 1
• B – percentage limit of Bot 1 and Bot 2 increment size
• C – Bot 1 and Bot 2 increment size probability
• D – minimum auction increment size is 1% of X.

Additional Information

Video of the real auction:

Auction page:

Translated by translator- volunteers