Zhytomyr ranks 12th in the transparency ranking of 100 Ukrainian cities. That is the outcome of research of the analytical team of Transparency International Ukraine and Institute of Political Education. The expert compiled the rating based on 91 indicators in 13 areas of accountability of the local authorities. 

Zhytomyr got 7 out of 10 points in the area of public participation. Besides, the city regularly publishes usually complete information on the work of the local authorities – it got 6.5 points out of 10 for this. Zhytomyr is also quite transparent in its land use and construction policy – 6.4 points out of 10. These results allowed Zhytomyr to end up with a decent grade – almost 43 out of 100 possible points.

However, the city got 0 points for education. It did not do well in the area of professional ethics and conflict of interest – 0.44 points, as well as in social services and housing policy – half  a point each.

The city authorities decided to fix Zhytomyr’s weak points and work on the transparency of the city in general. So, at their invitation, Transparency International presented the rating in the city for representatives of the local authorities, activists and journalists.

“We highly value that public officials asked us to present the rating and took into account part of our recommendations. It shows their aspiration for change. We can single out four areas where changes have to start soonest – education, housing and social policy, professional ethics and conflict of interest. The city council website has to add the function to submit a kid’s application to school or a kindergarten, create online queues for housing, approve a Deputy Ethics Code. It will help to change the situation for the better,” assured Kateryna Tsybenko, project manager of Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities at Transparency International Ukraine.

The city was also advised to introduce a special tool for reporting unethical behavior, discrimination or conflict of interest of public officials as well as employees of municipal enterprises, institutions and organizations. The city also needs to implement an online application form to register for a service in social service institutions with application tracking function.

Transparency International Ukraine and Institute of Political Education are ready to cooperate with Zhytomyr authorities and local activists and continue to give them recommendations and advice on improving the city’s transparency. While the process of decentralization is underway in the country, we are not to allow decentralization of corruption.

The Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities project is implemented with the support of UN Democracy Fund.

Information about the work of municipal authorities – 6.5/10
Public participation – 7/10
Public procurement policy – 4.75/7
Housing policy – 0.5/7
Budgeting and public contracts – 7/8
Grants and funding – 3/8
Social services – 0.5/4
Human resources – 3.5/5
Professional ethics and conflict of interests – 0.33/6
Land use and construction policy – 6.4/10
Municipal businesses – 1.5/10
Municipal property – 1.8/8
Education – 0/7
Total – 42.79