UPD. The draft law was approved with 250 votes.

Transparency International Ukraine recommends supporting draft law No. 8045 to accelerate the sale of public and municipal assets in tax lien.

The authors of the draft law propose to allow the sale of property complexes of state-owned and municipal enterprises without the consent of tax authorities if the buyer pays off the tax debt.

Transparency International Ukraine has called for finalization of the draft law before the second reading in order to eliminate inconsistencies and define a clear order of interaction between tax authorities and privatization authorities.

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Finance, Tax, and Customs Policy supported part of TI Ukraine’s recommendations.

During the war, revenues from privatization are needed more than ever. Therefore, despite the fact that some amendments were not made to the draft law, Transparency International Ukraine still recommends that the MPs adopt draft law No. 8045. This will speed up the privatization of state-owned and municipal companies with tax liens and ensure that funds flow in to cover their tax debts.

Privatization of non-core and unprofitable assets is crucial now so that the worn-down Ukrainian economy would receive double support: by getting rid of the burden and by receiving infusions into the budgets.