The project on development of electronic auctions for sales of public property, which TI Ukraine started in 2016 together with its partners, is gradually being transferred to the government.

Three years ago, the goal was to develop an electronic system of asset sale based on ProZorro principles and architecture – everyone can see everything. The problem was the fact that those assets were then sold in a non-competitive, non-transparent way, and the procedures were inefficient and enabled corruption.

The first step in resolving the above problems and ensuring an adequate level of accountability was the memorandum signed by Transparency International Ukraine, the Deposit Guarantee Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the National Bank of Ukraine on building a transparent and effective system for sales of assets of bankrupt banks and banks under liquidation.

During more than two years, ProZorro.Sale has shown that sale and lease of public assets can be done transparently and competitively, that anyone can buy anything. As of the end of January, the system had sold UAH 11 billion (!) worth of bank assets and there are 40 platforms connected to the system.

All the information in the system is publicly available and it is NOT possible:

  • to trick the system
  • to hold the auction secretly
  • to hide auction documents
  • to bribe the system

Sales of assets belonging to bankrupt banks were only the beginning. Currently, the second part of the project is actively progressing: small privatization. Assets worth of UAH 808 million were sold in less than six months. But we’ll talk about that later.

I would like to thank all the colleagues and partners who have been promoting this project during the past years and continue to stand behind it.

Together, we can do more!