The results of the Corruption Perceptions Index 2022 puzzled many in that Belarus managed to score more points than Ukraine. How is this possible after so many reforms that we are implementing?

The answer to this question lies in the features of the Index methodology. First of all, the CPI study takes information from open sources. Free investigations into corruption in belarus are heavily censored, and all the work of the authorities is closed and opaque.

Therefore, the main sources used by the CPI study are official or pro-government. The Lukashenka regime did not even allow the publication of the GRECO (The Group of States against Corruption) report on the implementation of anti-corruption recommendations, which was the only exception to almost five dozen countries in the group. Although even in such a situation, several studies on which the CPI is based rate Ukraine higher than Belarus.

Another important aspect is that the CPI does not take into consideration political regimes in the countries, the situation with respect for freedom of assembly or human rights. But even so, there have been no anti-corruption reforms in belarus for a long time. The regression of our neighbor is clearly visible — since 2020, the country has lost 8 points in the CPI.

Finally, the thing that is on the surface. The Corruption Perceptions Index shows, logically, its perception, but not the actual level of corruption. Therefore, it turns out that the less information about the situation with corruption in the country, the more difficult it is to know the whole truth.