Today, the High Qualification Commission of Judges has extended the deadline for submitting documents to participate in the HACC competition for another 15 days, that is, until March 30, 2024. 

This decision was adopted to invite more candidates, improve the efficiency and quality of the competition, and prevent its disruption. 11 commission members voted “in favor” and 1 member voted “against.”

It is known that 104 applicants have already sent their documents to the HQCJ within 14 days. Almost half of them, i.e., 48 applications, were submitted yesterday. Before this, the tendency to submit applications left much to be desired.

On March 11, Vira Mykhailenko, the head of the Anti-Corruption Court, reported that a small number of those wishing to become judges of the HACC and the HACC Appeals Chamber could be explained by the fact that other competitions for judicial positions were announced, in particular, in appeal courts throughout Ukraine. 

Simultaneously, the HQCJ hopes to approve the composition of the Public Council of International Experts in March, which will participate in the evaluation of candidates. 

We encourage professional candidates with integrity-based competencies to apply for the selection!