The government has amended Directive of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #225, simplifying the procurement procedure for items procured in connection with COVID-19.

The Cabinet has approved the version of the procedure proposed by the Ministry of Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture. From now on, procuring entities:

  • don’t need to wait for 48 hours from the moment of publication of the procurement plan for the year to sign the agreement;
  • don’t have to require numerous documents from the participant;
  • establish criteria of integrity and reliability of the future supplier at their own discretion.

Procurement under the temporary procedure is to be held by an authorized procurement official. If one has not been appointed yet, the procuring entity needs to appoint such an official, who will:

  • publish the procurement plan for the year;
  • composes, approves and stores all the documents;
  • publishes a report on the concluded agreement, the agreement itself and the delivery report in Prozorro.

Changes have also been made to the list of goods, works or services to which the temporary procedure applies. Services for disinfection of facilities, transportation of personnel and supplies for production of diagnostic tests have been added to the list.

Transparency International Ukraine is thankful to everyone who has participated in the advocacy of the necessary changes.