We have collected tools that will help you avoid corruption in your life, and if you want, also help you eliminate it in procurement, city councils, and so on.

—     If you are interested in what to do in different situations, for example, to pass a driving test without a bribe, see guides of TI Ukraine: https://ti-ukraine.org/ti_format/novyny/baza-znan/

—     Care about your city? Give the authorities feedback on the local government transparency and accountability platform: https://transparentcities.in.ua/

—     We also suggest that you use the COVID-19 procurement monitoring tool: https://covid.dozorro.org/. It helps find all the necessary information on COVID-19 procurement in just a few clicks;

—     If you have a child, you would want to know who feeds your children, with what products, and for how much. You can find clear instructions and templates for writing requests on the online map of school procurement: https://nus.org.ua/what-your-school-buys/. Recently, more schools have been added to the map, and now there are already 2,241 of them!

—     A real paradise of numbers, graphs, and data for the most avid followers: https://bi.prozorro.org/hub/. It is suitable for thorough study and identification of procurement Corruptors.

Follow our news, we promptly report on possible abuses and failures and offer ways out of these situations.

Have a free-of-corruption year!