Ivano-Frankivsk has ended up at the top of the Investment Sector Transparency Ranking with 15 points out of 20 maximum points. The capital received 12.7 points and came in second, followed by Vinnytsia with the score of 12 points out of 20. The remaining TOP-5 cities are Lviv and Bila Tserkva with 10.75 and 10.7 points respectively, according to the research held by the Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption network Transparency International.
According to the Methodology, the biggest number of points (3 out of 20) can be granted to cities where they hold public events to discuss draft regulatory acts and where information on inclusion or exclusion of draft regulatory acts is published on official websites following such events.
Analyzing the results of the top five cities, we can see that Ivano-Frankivsk got 3 out of 3 for public events, Kyiv got 1 point, and Vinnytsia – 0 points, since this information is nowhere to be found on the website. The same situation is with Lviv, while Bila Tserkva has 3 out of 3 points.
A significant number of points (2 out of 20) can be received for connecting to the official platform helping people to start a business. Unfortunately, almost all the leading cities scored zero, except for Vinnytsia, which got 1 point for providing 1 to 10 cases for the system.
The cities scored the majority of points for publication of draft regulatory acts of the city council and its executive committee on the municipal website and the availability of all decisions regulating business on the official section on the website. Kyiv, Bila Tserkva and Ivano-Frankivsk got the maximum score for these indicators. Lviv has only a register of regulatory acts, but the texts are not available. As for Vinnytsia, the city does not upload draft regulatory acts, but it has a website where all the current RA can be found, even though the search is quite complicated.
All cities apart from Bila Tserkva scored the 1 point granted for having a geoportal.
All the leaders also received 1 point for the assessment of the city’s credit rating, publication of efficiency indicators of the city strategy implementation on the official website, approval and funding of the entrepreneurship support and development program and the decision to implement electronic auctions for seasonal trade placement rights.
Full ranking can be found here.