Transparency International Ukraine, CoSt Ukraine, Nashi Hroshi urge everyone concerned to stop the pressure on the Ministry of Economy and to focus on the outcome. It is necessary to prepare high-quality methodology which will protect road construction from unscrupulous contractors and ensure the best value for money.

This year, the government is planning to spend UAH 80 billion on road construction, reconstruction and repair. Transparent and efficient spending of this considerable amount must be one of the priorities in the implementation of this major project. One of the ways to ensure this is the development of a high-quality methodology, which would establish qualification criteria for contractors ensuring maximum construction quality and high competition. The methodology would also encompass other important factors, such as engagement of the local workforce and equipment.

For this purpose, a working group was created under the Ministry of Economy, uniting Ukravtodor, representatives of business and of the expert community.

However, recently, manipulative publications have been appearing, aiming at harming the process of the development and implementation of the methodology and thus undermine the plan to construct high-quality roads in Ukraine.

The draft of typical tender documentation proposed to the working group by Ukravtodor needs some improvement, since it contains numerous discriminatory requirements, as pointed out by business, the public and the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine. 

The working group is now actively working on recommendations and is planning to approve the finalized document by the end of the month.

This will only be possible if undue pressure on the working group under the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry itself stops, as do manipulations in the media.