The anti-corruption organization Transparency International Ukraine and the National Agency for Finding, Tracing and Management of Assets Obtained through Corruption and Other Crimes signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation. The main goal of the document is to foster improvement of legislation and joint implementation of the anti-corruption campaign, to formalize and strengthen the collaboration with the aim of successful establishment and development of the National Agency as well as of execution of independent public control over the agency’s work.

Starting from January 17, 2017, TI Ukraine broadens the scope of cooperation with the National Agency for Finding, Tracing and Management of Assets in the following issues:

  • interaction and assistance with finding and tracing of assets obtained through corruption and other crimes;
  • development of draft regulatory acts introducing mechanisms for finding, tracing and management of assets;
  • development of concetual approaches, mechanisms, recommendations in the area of finding, tracing and management of assets obtained through corruption and other crimes.

The new system of interaction – accountability and transparency of new institutions, the example of which this Agency currently is and, I hope, will remain in the future, with our help and of its own will – will definitely make public administration really effective,” said Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, TIU Executive Director.

As set forth in the document, TI Ukraine will stimulate implementation of modern information and communication technologies in the National Agency research international practices on issues that are of interest to TI Ukraine and the Agency and ensure principles of openness, transparency and integrity in the activity of the National Agency.

“The National Agency highly appreciates the cooperation that currently exists with Transparency International and considers this memorandum as a step towards further fruitful cooperation. In particular, Transparency International has an enormous knowledge database on identifying and seeking assets, which is very valuable for the National Agency. In addition, as part of cooperation, TIU will assist the Agency with access to sources of information essential for execution of its professional tasks,” said Anton Yanchuk, chairman of the ARMA.

Transparency International Ukraine works with the National Agency within the project Enhancing the Role of Civil Society in Public Finance Oversight, financed by the European Union. The project aims at empowering civil society and journalists with effective anti-corruption, asset recovery and anti-money laundering tools to perform the public finance oversight, support the launch of Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) and to update the list of Politically Exposed Persons. Find out more at