This year, Ukraine has scored 97.05 points out of 100, thus winning Transparent Public Procurement Rating. The runners-up are Moldova (92.81 points) and Colombia (91.77 points). Tajikistan is last with a score of 37.88 points.

The Transparent Public Procurement Rating is implemented by the Georgian Institute for Development of Freedom of Information with partner organizations. It assesses the public procurement law and transparency of procedures. First, the rating covered only the Eurasian area, but now it assesses 39 countries of the world.

The research is based by the EBRD methodology and standard, WTO standard, OECD methodology and principles, EU standard (Directive 2014/24/EU), Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS). Public procurement is assessed based on 64 indicators and at various stages, for instance:

  • In the preparation period, they verify availability of information on future procurement, preparation for them, state interference in the competition on the market.
  • At the tender stage, all steps are assessed from tender announcement to award publication, including potential contesting. Analysts verify the whether the tender documentation is complete, whether information is available on any changes, participants’ bids and the award.
  • At the final stage, they assess the access to concluded agreements and whether the data is in the machine readable format.

“Of course, the score in the rating is an important and pleasant achievement, but it is not a reason to sit down and chill. We still have some issues and challenges we need to work on,” says Khrystyna Zelinska, Innovation Projects Manager at TI Ukraine.