The development of the Prozorro ecosystem began in 2016, when the e-procurement system itself was created. However, it has long been not limited to procurement. A similar functionality was created for the sale of property. And, of course, the general transparent ecosystem includes a network of public monitoring: both for procurement and for lease and sales.

Sectoral experts met at a business breakfast organized by the Smart Tender platform to discuss the recent achievements and plans for the future. So what awaits public procurement and sales next year?

The world has been very unpredictable lately, but this is no reason to stop and abandon long-term goals. So at the business breakfast “The Future of the Prozorro Ecosystem: Plans and Forecasts for 2021,” experts discussed what will await the field in the future.

So what awaits public procurement and sales next year?

Focus on Digitalization

Signing of electronic contracts, development of electronic catalogs, new functionality in the Prozorro.Sale system — more and more transactions should become available online.

In addition, the director of SE Prozorro spoke about a new opportunity for suppliers, which will be available next year. After its launch, suppliers will be able to predict the probable decision of the AMCU on its appeal. The new functionality will make such predictions using artificial intelligence based on previous decisions of the Board in such cases. This will allow participants to fully understand their chances and make an informed decision: to appeal the purchase or not.

Development of Prozorro Market

So far, only pre-threshold purchases are made in electronic catalogs — their expected cost is less than UAH 50,000. However, the Cabinet of Ministers recently adopted a resolution that will allow customers to buy goods in Prozorro Market for larger amounts, too.

Currently, the monthly volume of purchases in Prozorro Market is approximately UAH 10 million. According to the acting director of state institution Professional Procurement, the purpose for next year is to increase this figure times ten. To do this, they plan to attract more suppliers and expand the range of goods. Of course, they will also need to implement practical functionality for procurement exceeding UAH 50,000.

Development of Prozorro.Sale 

Head of SE Prozorro.Sale Andrii Soboliev said that next year, the system will be moving to Ukrainian servers. This means that its speed and flexibility will increase, and accordingly, the functionality will become more user-friendly. New categories will be added to Prozorro.Sale, such as seized property.

Rapid development of the lease sector is also expected. One big ambition is to launch auctions for private individuals.

Transparency International Ukraine Innovation Project Program Manager Khrystyna Zelinska also shared our plans:

“We were involved in the establishment of both Prozorro and Prozorro.Sale. Therefore, we feel a great responsibility to further develop this ecosystem. Even the best technological solution can ensure the absence of violations. That is why we created DOZORRO and are working on launching the same network of public monitoring for the property sale system.”

In 2021, the DOZORRO team plans to develop its BI tools, research the field, and train analysts and journalists from the regions. The Prozorro ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we must evolve with it.