Ukraine Has Climbed Up For Only 1 Point in the World Ranking of Corruption Perception

1 point again! Ukraine managed to gain only 1 additional point based on the results of the world Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2015. At present CPI of the country is 27 out of 100 possible that is 1 point higher than it was last year. Ukraine is ranked 130 out of 168 positions. In 2014 it was 142 out of 175 positions. Such result was achieved due to public judgment of corrupt officials, establishment of anti-corruption bodies and emergence of the whistleblowers’ movement. And the delay with real punishment of bribe takers, and establishing corrupt relations between business and the Government do not allow Ukraine to take a decisive step forward according to the CPI.

Ukraine succeeded to get the higher position in the ranking because of the critical attitude of the society to corrupt officials. This is evidenced from the data survey of the Bertelsmann Foundation Transformation Index that is taken into account when determining the CPI. A number of whistleblowers have increased, as well as the materials about corrupt officials in media, so the Government has to respond. Representatives of legislative and executive branches fewer and fewer use their powers for unlawful enrichment, being afraid of ruining the image in the eyes of the society.  However, the matter of inevitability of punishment leaves much to be desired. At present high-ranking officials are rarely brought to responsibility and are proper punished for their crimes.

A slight progress is seen in a part of establishment of anti-corruption institutions, which was indicated in the survey of the Freedom House Nations in Transit. The Government has really done a number of positive steps toward establishing the legislation as to important anti-corruption bodies, but it is slow with its implementation. One of the touchy subjects remains trying of the Government to control personally the management of these bodies.

Interaction between business and the Government affected the CPI in the worst way. For the last year the corruption level has increased in the matter of providing businessmen with public facilities and annual tax liabilities. As a result, Ukraine has scored -3 points according to the World Economic Forum Executive Opinion Survey. At the same time slight improvement as to rendering judgments in favor of entrepreneurs and public officials’ ethics when interacting with businessmen has happened. But the positive side of these issues has not turned the scale of negative in interrelations between utility providers and taxmen.

“The data of the CPI 2015 confirm that driving force of changes in Ukraine are citizens: civil society organizations, journalists-investigator and whistleblowers. It is they who control public officials, cases against corrupt officials in power get to the court under their pressure. But the system resists and in fact hardly anybody from corrupt officials are fairly punished”, comments the results of the CPI 2015 Oleksii Khmara, the Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine.

To have real anti-corruption changes in Ukraine, Transparency International Ukraine calls the Government, the Parliament and the President to take 5 steps:

  • To urgently enable running of independent anti-corruption bodies. To launch the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and initiate the work of the electronic declaration system. To foresee the proper financing of the Agency in the budget. To provide transparent functioning of the National Anti-corruption Bureau and Specialized Anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office;
  • To implement the law On Transparent Financing Of Political Parties;
  • To carry out a judicial reform. To finish the investigation of the Yanukovuch’s crimes. To stop disgraceful practice of judges to discharge high-ranking corrupt officials;
  • To ensure the principle of inevitability of punishment for public officials who committed corrupt crime, including false information in their declarations.
  • To implement the law On Public Procurements. To low the corruption risks in procurements for state costs.

The leaders in the most famous anti-corruption CPI ranking 2015 are Denmark, Finland and Swiss scoring 91, 90 and 89 points correspondingly.  The most corrupted countries are North Korea and Somali with 8 points. The “colleagues” of Ukraine with a shameful anti-corruption index 27 points are Iran, Cameroon, Nepal, Nicaragua and Paraguay.

Note: Corruption Perceptions Index is based on independent surveys, where international financial and human rights experts, including the World Bank, the Freedom House, the World Economic Forum, the Asian and African Banks etc. take part. The index is a rating from 0 (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 100 (perceived to be very clean). To read the whole survey, please visit www.ti-ukraine.org  or www.transparency.org.

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Note:  Transparency International Ukraine is a national chapter of Transparency International, anti-corruption NGO with over 90 national chapters; which works in more than 100 countries. TI Ukraine’s mission is to limit the increase of corruption in Ukraine by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in public authorities and civil society. You can learn more about the organization’s activity on the website