The ARMA is the central executive body responsible for the tracing, finding, and managing the assets that may be seized and/or confiscated. In particular, we are talking about the fortunes of potential corrupt officials, as well as Russian and Belarusian property arrested in criminal proceedings and seized under sanctions.

Among the main requirements for the head of the Agency: higher legal education; five years of experience in the field of law and three years of management experience in authorities, local governments, legal entities in Ukraine or abroad or in international organizations, etc.

There are also several restrictions regarding candidates, including incapacity or limited capacity, outstanding conviction, indictment, lack of Ukrainian citizenship, participation in governing bodies of political parties, etc.

Documents can be sent by mail to the address of the selection commission (01008, Kyiv, 12/2 Hrushevskoho Str.). Details can be found in the List of Submission Documents.

Deadline: December 13.

What do you need to know about the nature of the competition?

Key stages:

  • verification of the compliance of documents with the requirements of the Law;
  • testing for professional knowledge and qualities;
  • interviews with selected candidates;
  • election of the most suitable candidate by open voting of the commission members.

Test questions on knowledge of the legislation will be divided into two blocks: knowledge of general legislation and knowledge of special legislation (answers should demonstrate profound knowledge of the features of the ARMA’s activities).

During an interview with the candidate, the professional experience, knowledge, moral and business qualities of candidates, and their views on possible future activities as the Head of the National Agency will be discussed.

It is important that the commission formulate a methodology for assessing candidates during interviews, since the Law on the work of the ARMA stipulates that the decision to elect the Head of the National Agency should be justified.

What awaits the new head of the Agency?

The key challenge for the new head of the ARMA will undoubtedly be to work with Russian assets. As of November 2022, the ARMA reports that more than 1,000 requests to the Ministry of Justice to identify and search for the assets of sanctioned persons have been processed.

In addition, the future head of the ARMA will have the task of establishing cooperation with law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office, international cooperation with foreign authorities, international organizations, etc. It will also be essential to increase the transparency of the work of the National Agency and accountability for the results of its work.

The leader of the institution will also have to work with MPs and other parties to achieve changes in the specialized legislation. Thus, the ARMA needs: the introduction of planning before the transfer of property to management and a clear, legal, competitive, and transparent mechanism for the sale of assets through the engagement of market leaders of the bidding organization. It is also important to prevent blocking the work of the ARMA through the courts of other jurisdictions, and to ensure effective management of corporate rights by the National Agency.

The new leader of the ARMA will face many tasks and challenges. But the effective work of this institution will help Ukraine both in difficult wartime and afterwards — during the period of reconstruction and after it.

TI Ukraine insists that the Agency be headed by an independent, professional, and honest manager. It should ensure sustainable results of the work of the National Agency, which will support the economy.