June 22, 2023
The Cabinet of Ministers approved the list of the first recovery projects to be implemented at the expense of the…
June 21, 2023
The described strategies and approaches can be used in planning the reconstruction of Ukraine.
June 21, 2023
The recommendations on the occasion of the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London issued jointly by the TI Ukraine and Basel…
June 14, 2023
Ukrainians consider the objects of critical infrastructure and restoration of housing for those who lost it to be among the…
June 14, 2023
The population and entrepreneurs consider the following to be the key problems of Ukraine: war, destruction, corruption, and unemployment. 
June 14, 2023
At the request of Transparency International Ukraine with the support of the USAID ‘Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions’ (SACCI) Program…
May 16, 2023
On compensation under the eRecovery program: who can apply and how, how much money can be received, and what it…
May 10, 2023
The state will provide assistance for the repair of housing damaged as a result of the war.