The monitoring community of DOZORRO portal succeeds at restoring the justice in 40% of procurements with violations. The portal is integrated with ProZorro and all procurements are displayed in the system automatically. Agreements can be found by ID and if any of them are at the processing stage, the information about it will appear in DOZORRO as well. Therefore, in case if a violation is identified, it is necessary to write a review on the portal.

TOP-5 Tips and Options of the DOZORRO Portal:

  1. Feedback

When we created DOZORRO, we knew that the first person who faced violations directly was no one other than the participant. That’s why it was essential to receive his or her opinion. To enable this, the portal has an option to leave feedback, which will then be processed. What can it be used for?

Firstly, feedback will function as the basis for upcoming ratings of procuring entities. Moreover, all participants’ feedback will remain available in the system – in other words, in public space, which enables further analysis by the law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

  1. DOZORRO Community

Today, it includes 24 organizations from all over Ukraine. Among them there are representatives of the business environment, public organizations, regulatory authorities – all those who support fair play in procurement. The feedback which bidders leave is processed by our DOZORRO Community. We, for our part, publicly highlight their work.

  1. Participant Rankings

Now, we are actively working on rating formation for both procuring entities and suppliers. In the near future, this functionality will come in handy for participants, helping them to collect all up-to-date information about the number of complaints, feedback, competition etc. on the same page. This standardized profile will greatly simplify lives of all procuring entities and suppliers.  Note that by “ratings” we don’t mean “blacklists,” because we are strongly against them.

  1. Personal Account

Most of the major customers have personal accounts on the DOZORRO Portal, which allows to see the information across the entire chain. For example, take Ukrposhta. They have post offices in different parts of the country, but all the feedback is available from a single personal account. Also, civil society organizations have their own accounts on the portal. Each of them has an opportunity to see their internal workflow, where letters are sent and forwarded on each procurement. It’s important to add that all letters are in the public access.

  1. Search Engine

Another useful tool we offer is the business intelligence module. Thanks to this tool, the participants can find a specific procurement, analyze a certain procuring entity or supplier, region, product, etc. We also plan to launch the tool on its basis in the near future that will help to analyze all those complaints that are under review by the Anti-Monopoly Committee.

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