On 6 March, the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine has announced its final list of candidates for positions of Anti-Corruption Court judges and the Appeal Chamber within the HACC. They include 22 judges, 13 lawyers and 4 scholars.

A few questionable candidates did not make it to the list. Among them are the Chaikin family, who had questions concerning the discrepancies between their lifestyle and their income, as well as judge Kanevskyi, whose family purchased a Tesla S worth more than the entire annual family income, and judge Ihor Kudriavtsev from Luhansk oblast with suspicious political ties, who tried to obtain the status of a war veteran.

At the same time, there are still 8 people from the “Unworthy List” who may still become anti-corruption judges: judges Inna Bilous, Andrii Bitsiuk, Volodymyr Voronko, Viktor Maslov, Oksana Oliinyk and Valeriia Chorna, lawyer Serhii Moisak and scholar Volodymyr Tsikalo.

Now, the High Council of Justice must check the candidates further and make a submission to the President.

Full rating of HACC candidates:

  1. Olena Tanasevych
  2. Ihor Strohyi
  3. Viktor Maslov*
  4. Lesia Fedorak
  5. Oksana Oliinyk*
  6. Tetiana Havrylenko
  7. Andrii Bitsiuk*
  8. Oleh Koliush
  9. Vitalii Dubas
  10. Vitalii Kryklyvyi
  11. Yaroslav Shkodin
  12. Oleh Fedorov
  13. Volodymyr Voronko*
  14. Viktor Nohachevskyi
  15. Oleksii Kravchuk
  16. Natalia Movchan
  17. Oleh Tkachenko
  18. Kateryna Shyroka
  19. Tymur Khamzin
  20. Yevhen Kruk
  21. Olha Salandiak
  22. Kateryna Sikora
  23. Vira Mykhailenko
  24. Larysa Zadorozhna
  25. Inna Bilous*
  26. Markiian Halabala
  27. Serhii Moisak*

Rating of Appeal Chamber candidates:

  1. Serhii Bodnar
  2. Valeriia Chorna*
  3. Inna Kaluhina
  4. Viktor Pankulych
  5. Oleh Pavlyshy
  6. Andrii Nykyforov
  7. Danyila Chornenka
  8. Dmytro Mykhailenko
  9. Volodymyr Tsikalo*
  10. Ihor Panaid
  11. Mykola Hlotov
  12. Oleksandr Semennykov.

* from the unworthy list

TI Ukraine hopes that the HCJ will be responsible about its task and will eliminate all questionable candidates from the final list submitted to the President.