July 15, 2024
The saga of NABU leaks continues, and today, the long-awaited meeting of the Anti-Corruption Committee took place.
December 9, 2023
December 9 is Anti-Corruption Day. 2023 is passing, and despite the active war, this struggle also continues. This is clearly…
November 24, 2023
TI Ukraine conducted the second study of the management and interaction of anti-corruption infrastructure bodies, covering almost three years of their activities…
October 12, 2023
Despite the overall progress in the work of anti-corruption agencies, some were able to achieve better results in the implementation…
October 12, 2023
The NABU demonstrates that it is a stable, effective, and independent institution, capable of handling the tasks assigned to it.
October 12, 2023
Results of the second study of the capacity, management, and interaction of anti-corruption infrastructure bodies.
February 28, 2023
The commission has started interviews for competence, we are publishing the main points of conversations with the candidates for the…
February 25, 2023
On February 25, at its 18th meeting, the commission to select the NABU Director announced the results of the integrity interviews.…
February 24, 2023
The selection commission for the position of the NABU Director is actively moving forward according to the plan.