September 23, 2022
Most important news in one post.
September 5, 2022
On September 5, MPs from the non-specialized committee of the Verkhovna Rada on local self-government and regional development supported as a…
August 4, 2022
What is Oleg Tatarov, the Deputy Head of the Presidential Office, known for?
July 27, 2022
Rada approved the appointment Andrii Kostin, MP from Servant of the People, Prosecutor General of Ukraine.
July 4, 2022
TI Ukraine and Basel Institute on Governance have analyzed the agenda of reforms that have a direct impact on the…
June 23, 2022
The European Council has granted Ukraine the status of an EU membership candidate!
May 3, 2022
Where are Kyva, Yurchenko, Vovk, Nasoriv, Tatrov and others and what are they doing during war.
January 17, 2022
the NABU is investigating corruption crimes. However, two other bodies have the competence (jurisdiction) to investigate corruption crimes: the State…
December 9, 2021
On December 9, the world annually celebrates the Anti-Corruption Day. On this occasion, Transparency International Ukraine analyzed the achievements of…
November 25, 2021
On the evening of November 24, the full text of the memorandum, under which Ukraine has already received USD 700…
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