Олександр Калітенко

Oleksandr Kalitenko

Legal Advisor

Oleksandr Kalitenko is one of three citizens of Ukraine, who has won the government grant for studying in the Lithuanian Republic (LL.M. in Law of the European Union and International Law). Earlier he became a specialist in Commercial Law. His Master’s Thesis was made under the supervision of the current Head of Constitutional Court in Lithuania. The Thesis included the analysis of interrelation between responsibility of the states and international organizations for internationally wrongful acts. Oleksandr has rich voluntary experience. For three months he trained in one of the biggest Swedish law office, which is the winner of the British Legal Awards competition for the best law office of Europe for two years at a time. Before involving in TI Ukraine activity Oleksandr researched the level of juridical protection of whistleblowers (informers) in each of 28 countries of the EU, including from the perspective of respect for human rights, and developed the recommendations for Transparency International Latvia and then for the working expert group, headed by Latvian Prime Minister, regarding the corresponding future Law of Latvia. He received the grant of the European Union for this. In 2015-2016, Oleksandr coordinated the information and community mobilization campaign, "They would not be silent" aimed to change the general negative attitudes towards corruption exposure, its activists and support of anti-corruption activities.

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