On December 11, the first meeting of the new Board of TI Ukraine took place, during which the Chair of the Board was elected. It was again Andrii Vyshnevskyi who was selected.

Andrii Vyshnevskyi is one of the co-initiators and executive director of the Tomorrow’s Lawyer program; management and organizational development consultant; member of the Supervisory Board of the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision, and a former Deputy Minister of Justice. For almost a year and a half, Andrii was the Chair of the Board of TI Ukraine.

Andrii believes that the problems with corruption in Ukraine are pervasive and systematic, and they need to be fixed at multiple levels. He intends to strengthen the voice of TI Ukraine in the international and domestic political arena, making the organization even more reputable.

“Congratulations to the new Chair of the Board. I sincerely hope that during his term we will do a lot of good for the organization and for the country as a whole. I am very pleased with the current composition of the Board, and we appreciate each of its members. I am grateful to everyone for the social responsibility that manifests itself in these steps,” said Executive Director of TI Ukraine’s Andrii Borovyk.

We remind you that on December 5, new members of the Board were elected at the regular Membership Conference of Transparency International Ukraine. They are Andrii Vyshnevskyi, Andrii Rozhdestvenskyi, Matthew S. Stephenson, Tanya Khavanska and Pavlo Sheremeta.

The Board of TI Ukraine is the governing body of the organization, which is elected by the Membership Conference of the CSO for a term of two years and consists of five people.

The Board considers and approves the organization’s focus areas, annual budget and operational plan, approves program documents. The full powers and responsibilities of the Board of TI Ukraine are set out in the Charter of the organization.