The Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament has supported draft law “On Restoring Certain Provisions of the Law of Ukraine ‘On Corruption Prevention’ and the Criminal Code of Ukraine.”

MPs ruled that draft law No. 4304 complies with provisions of the anti-corruption legislation and decided to recommend it to the Parliament for further adoption.

The draft law effectively contains only one article, which provides for restoring the legislative provisions cancelled by the Constitutional Court.

The draft law does not consider any reasons why the previous provisions were ruled unconstitutional. If it is adopted, the Constitutional Court will cancel it at any time just the same. Cases initiated during that time will be terminated again. First, we need to figure out the actions and the future of the Constitutional Court itself, and then work carefully on restoring the legislation,says TI Ukraine’s Executive Director Andrii Borovyk.

We remind you that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine granted the whim of certain MPs, effectively terminating the majority of the anti-corruption reform.

The Court abolished criminal liability for intentional false declaration of assets or intentional failure to file a declaration (up to two years in jail).

The court also declared the NACP powers to control and verify declarations, open round-the-clock access to the register of e-declarations and lifestyle monitoring unconstitutional. The rights of NACP commissioners and the task of authorized divisions (individuals) on corruption prevention and detection has been effectively abolished.