Irpin Citizens Will Learn How to Make the Authorities Accountable

 On the forthcoming weekend, on November 18-19, a mini awareness campaign aimed at providing the citizens with tools of influence on the authorities will take place in Irpin. TI Ukraine’s representatives will hand out booklets with instructions how to make the city more transparent and force the authorities into more accountability. The events will take place as part of the project Make the City Transparent, Take Part in Governance.

Project experts will personally hand out the materials. You can receive the booklets in a tent located at 105a Soborna street next to “EKO Market” from 10AM to 3PM. We also encourage volunteers to join the campaign and help with distribution of the materials. Volunteers are coordinated by Anatolii Kotov, tel. 097 398 46 38.

Irpin ranks 75th in the Transparency Ranking of 100 Ukrainian cities. The city got only 22 out of 100 points. That is why TI Ukraine decided to choose this city as one of those where we will work on reducing corruption risks and provide the citizens with participation tools. The project includes similar awareness campaigns in Mariupol, Sievierodonetsk and Melitopol.

Irpin did not do too well in such areas as education (4.5 points), land use (3 points), social services (0 points) and municipal services (2 points). That is why our colorful handouts will contain a detailed description of what everyone can do to increase transparency and accountability in these areas. Besides, the handouts will contain a fun part on anti-corruption.

Ukraine is now undergoing the process of decentralization, which involves transfer of authority and budget revenues to the local level. Still, some corruption risks remain. The problem is aggravated by the fact that the local public monitoring and control is not yet developed and effective enough. That is why TI Ukraine continues to work on transparency in the regions of Ukraine and actively motivate the locals to demand accountability from the authorities.

The project Make the City Transparent, Take Part in Governance is implemented by TI Ukraine together with the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law as part of the project Strengthening the RPR Coalition implemented with the support of the EU.

Here is a fragment from one of the booklets which will be distributed in Irpin.