On September 15, the Law Enforcement Committee re-elected its candidates to the Head of SAPO Selection Commission. This is the Committee’s third attempt.

This time the list includes the following candidates.

Olena Busol is a retired colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, now the head of the department at the Vernadskyi Tavriya National University. Back in the day, she insisted in an interview that she wouldn’t let grant-funded organizations anywhere near the fight against corruption. “You need to keep a close eye on them,” she said.

Andriy Hundzhal is a managing partner of the law firm HuDeH (we did not succeed in finding information about this JSC). He previously worked in the Prosecutor General’s Office and was fired. He has already been nominated by the Committee.

Oleksii Drozd is the head of the doctoral and adjunct department of the National Academy of Internal Affairs. According to MP Oleksandra Ustinova, Drozd admitted that he had no experience in anti-corruption activities. He has also already been nominated by the Committee.

Kateryna Koval is the deputy chair of the Lawyers Union of Ukraine. Back in the day, she supported the previous Head of Kyiv Administrative Court Oleh Bachun, and she has certain contradictions in her asset declaration. In addition, in 2012, she was awarded with a medal from the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation for facilitation of international lawyer cooperation and active participation in human rights defense.

Viacheslav Navrotskyi is a researcher and lecturer in the field of criminal law at the Ukrainian Catholic University and Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Navrotskyi is also one of the previous nominees despite the lack of significant anti-corruption experience.

Bohdan Romaniuk is an Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Lieutenant General, Honored Worker of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. He worked in internal affairs agencies of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, and between 1994 and 1997, he was the head of the MIA Directorate in Lviv Oblast. No information was found that Romaniuk had any experience with anti-corruption apart from a mention that he participated in solving several economic crimes.  He has also already been nominated.

Yevhen Sobol is an LLD, Professor of the Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University. Given Sobol’s scientific publications, his research interests are limited to the rights of disabled people, administrative and much less criminal law. And he was also a candidate for the commission.

Thus, five of seven people on the list have already been voted on and rejected by the Parliament.

We remind you that this is the third time the Committee attempts to nominate its representatives for the Selection Commission for Head of the SAPO. Twice, the list did not gain enough votes because most people on the list had no anti-corruption experience, which is an important prerequisite.

The deadline for the Parliament to nominate its candidates expired back on September 4, but this has not stopped MPs, who decided to consider this issue once again. As we can see, the new list is hardly very different.

UPD: The Parliament has supported the list with 239 votes.