The Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption network Transparency International implements the Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities, where the city of Mariupol is currently leading with 81.1 points out of 100.

On 19 September 2018 at 10:30 a.m. Mariupol City Council will host an award ceremony where the city will receive a special plaque celebrating the score of 80+ points in Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities. At the event, you will be able to find out what it means for the city to reach a high transparency score and what perspectives it opens up.

Over the course of the project, the city managed to improve their transparency score by 52 points, rising from the 57th place all the way to the top. It also managed to achieve a maximum transparency score in three accountability areas of city authorities:


Information on the work of local authorities: from 5.5 points to 9 (maximum 10)

Access and participation: from 4 points to 7.6 (maximum 10)

Procurement: from 3 points to 7 (maximum 7)

Housing policy: from 1.25 points to 6 (maximum 7)

Budgeting and contracts: from 4 points to 7 (maximum 8)

Grants and allocation of funding: from 0 points to 4.5 (maximum 8)

Social services: from 0.5 point to 3 (maximum 4)

Human resources: from 2.5 points to 5 (maximum 5)

Professional ethics and conflict of interest: from 1 points to 4 (maximum 6)

Land use and construction policy: from 2.2 points to 10 (maximum 10)

Municipal enterprises: from 0.6 points to 6.5 (maximum 10)

Municipal property: from 0 points to 7 (maximum 8)

Education: from 2.5 points to 4.5 (maximum 7)


Point of contact:

Alina Kobenko,

communications manager with Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities

cell +38 0930648865,

e-mail: [email protected]