On February 25, at its 18th meeting, the commission to select the NABU Director announced the results of the integrity interviews. 11 candidates passed to the next stage of the competition.

Among them are:

Serhii Hupiak — Head of the 4th Investigative Department of the Territorial Department of the SBI in Khmelnytskyi.

Veronika Plotnikova — Head of the Department for the Study of Prosecution Problems of the National Prosecution Academy of Ukraine.

Semen Kryvonos — Head of the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine.

Viktor Pavlushchyk — Senior Detective, Head of the NABU Detectives Department.

Oleksandr Tsyvinskyi — Head of the 3rd NABU Detectives Department.

Roman Osypchuk — Head of the NABU Internal Control Department.

Serhii Naumiuk — Head of the 4th NABU Detectives Division of the NABU Main Detective Division. After the beginning of the war, he was drafted as a reserve officer.

Oleh Opishniak — Prosecutor of the Department for Prevention of Offenses in the Prosecutor’s Office of the General Inspectorate of the Prosecutor General’s Office

Volodymyr Tserkovnyi — Senior Detective — Head of the 1st Detectives Department of the 3rdDetective Division of the NABU Main Detective Division

Maksym Vorvul — Senior Detective — Deputy Head of the 3rd Detectives Department of the 4thDetectives Division of the Main Detectives Division of the NABU.

Yurii Bielousov — Head of the Department on Combating Crimes Committed during the Armed Conflict, Prosecutor General’s Office.

Throughout the week, 20 candidates communicated with the selection commission and provided clarifications regarding the questions that the commission members and the public had had to them. TI Ukraine told about the details of these interviews in the Telegram.

In the future, candidates who have passed this stage will be interviewed regarding their compliance with the criterion of competence. They will be held from February 28 to March 4. 

At this stage, the commission will assess:

  • the knowledge of the national legislation and relevant international law and their application in the practice of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, and the European Court of Human Rights;
  • the awareness of the candidates of the provisions of international standards for the prevention and counteraction of corruption, other international treaties and conventions applicable in the activities of the NABU;
  • the strategic and analytical thinking of candidates;
  • the leadership and understanding of the mission and tasks of the NABU;
  • the human resources management;
  • the understanding of the fundamental principles of professional ethics;
  • the effective personal, internal, and external communication, in particular, for positioning the NABU and its work in the society.

Each interview will begin with a five-minute self-presentation of the candidate and a brief expression of the vision for the further development of the NABU.

Let us remind you that according to the results of these interviews, the commission will determine three finalists of the competition, among which the Prime Minister will choose and submit the future director of the NABU for the approval by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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