On April 2, a report was uploaded to the Prozorro system on the procurement of 400 cameras and installation services for UAH 64.9 million, as immediately reported by Slidstvo.Info.

The report was marked “COVID-19,” i.e. the buyers were trying to circumvent the open bidding procedure. That is even though cameras are not included on the list of goods and services for COVID-19 as set forth by the Cabinet Directive.

The State Audit Service of Ukraine checked the tender yesterday and confirmed that there was a violation.

Yesterday, information on termination of the agreement was uploaded to Prozorro.

Transparency International Ukraine would like mayor Klitschko to pay attention to the fact that such procurement in the current situation is hardly the best option, given healthcare workers are fighting against the epidemic with limited PPE supplies. It is very important to watch procurement now to make sure that only relevant goods and services are purchased through the simplified COVID-19 procedure.