CoST Ukraine has analyzed procurement of maintenance, medium difficulty repair and roadway replacement of general use roads announced by Motor Road Services of Ukrainian oblasts during 2017.

The procurement was analyzed by types of works as well as procedures used by the procuring entity. The results have been clustered and the following has been calculated: the number of procurements, the percentage of procurement by type of works in relation to the total number, the percentage of the expected coast by type of works in the total budget of each procuring entity. CoST has also assessed efficiency of procurement, compared the main figures in terms of how efficient they were – the number and amounts of concluded contracts, the relative weight of the cost of the concluded contracts, the difference between the winning offer and the expected cost (“money saved”), the percentage of cancelled procurement, the average number of tender participants. Reasons for cancellations have been reviewed as well.

Contractors have been ranked by quantity and amount of concluded contracts, within each oblast and in Ukraine overall. Tender committee protocols have been processed and reasons for cancellations have been compiled into an index. Cancelled offers with lower prices have been analyzed additionally.

Full report (Ukrainian)