On June 3, the Ministry of Digital Transformation announced a call for public proposals concerning the priority areas for open data development and data sets which have to be made public by the government. The Cabinet of Ministers may include the proposals in Directive No. 835, which obliges public agencies to publish information in the open data format.

DEJURE Foundation has prepared proposals concerning data sets owned by judicial agencies which should be added to the Directive, and filed them with the Ministry. The publication of this data will contribute to the transparency of the judiciary and its accountability.

These include data sets owned by the High Council of Justice, the High Qualification Commission of Judges, the State Judicial Administration and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. The proposals are based on the open judicial data analysis performed by DEJURE Foundation experts.

It is proposed to publish the following data sets:

High Council of Justice:

  • draft meeting agendas;
  • protocol on automatic allocation of disciplinary complaints.

High Qualification Commission of Judges: 

  • draft meeting agendas;
  • information on the course of the qualification assessment of judges;
  • information on the judges’ performance;
  • a list of all judges.

State Judicial Administration: 

  • quarterly statistical reports on justice;
  • protocols of automatic allocation of judicial cases;
  • information on the gender composition of local and appeal courts, as well as the SJA itself and its territorial subdivisions.

Constitutional Court:

  • all the decisions and rulings of the court since the moment of its creation.

We believe that the publication of open data will ensure the transparency and accountability of these institutions. It also provides citizens with an opportunity to analyze this information and create services facilitating the analysis of this information, which will in turn result in improvement of the judicial work.

For that reason, we urge:

The Ministry of Judicial Transformation to propose that the Cabinet include the aforementioned data sets in the Cabinet Directive;

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to include the aforementioned data sets in Directive No. 835.

Signed by:

  • DEJURE Foundation
  • Court on Palm
  • Ukrainian Center for Social Data
  • Yaroslav Harahuts, Clarity Project
  • Anti-Corruption Action Center
  • Automaidan
  • YouControl
  • Access to Truth
  • CSO Legal Innovations
  • Transparency International Ukraine
  • Bihus.Info
  • Nadiia Babynska-Virna, Open Up