The lecture on how to react, when you are forced to give a bribe, will be given on 26th of January at 7 p.m. at the Anticorruption Hub (8/5, Voloska street, KMArt Space). It will be delivered by the law enforcement officer in active service.  He will present clear instructions on how to face a bribe-taker and explain the specifics of investigation on this type of crime. The public will be given an opportunity to ask further clarifying questions to the lecturer.

Everyone understands that it is illegal to offer bribes. Moreover, it hits our pockets. But not everybody knows what to do, when you are requested to pay. Most people refrain from resisting the pressure and let the problems be resolved with the help of unlawful payment. The anti-corruption movement Transparency International along with its Ukrainian charter call everybody not to subdue to bribery and keep informed on new judicial tools to prevent corruption.

How not to “get lost” under the pressure coming from insolent corrupt officials? You will learn that at the lecture.

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