On August 30, 2017, the ProZorro Risk-Indicator System was launched. It allows automatically detect purchases in which there is a risk of violation of the rules and principles of the Law “On Public Procurement”. At the initial stage, we calculated 16 indicators determined as risks-signals. In future, there will be more than 60 such indicators.

Among the criteria monitored by the system are: unusual savings (over 60%), supplier’s who work with one customer only, non-detailed bidding, excessive number of lots in one purchase, and others.

The system information is displayed in real time at http://risk.dozorro.org. You can review it and receive information on TOP rating customers. For example, as of today, the system shows that the Rivne NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) identified 884 out of 1334 purchases as risky, the Druzhba Main Oil Pipelines identified 851 out of 2047 as risky, and Zaporizhzhia NPP (Nuclear Power Plant) 752 out of 1143 purchases as risky.