The World Bank has recognized the compliance of Prozorro with its standards; now all implementers of the bank’s projects in Ukraine are recommended to use the system.

It analyzed the new procurement procedure according to the rules of international donors in Prozorro and confirmed its full compliance with the WB rules. Previously, the use of the system was provided only for procurement up to EUR 5 mln; now the amounts are unlimited.

“This is great news because it will be possible to have all procurement transactions for reconstruction and the needs of Ukraine in one place, in one transparent system. Citizens will be able to view full information about tenders, and Ukrainian business will be able to take part in them. We hope that as many donors as possible will support this approach and use Prozorro for their procurement,” comments Ivan Lakhtionov, Deputy Executive Director for Innovation Projects at TI Ukraine.

This is quite real because according to Prozorro, the new procedure was developed under the principle of the construction kit, so it can be used by other donors and development banks. It allows “constructing” your procurement transaction in accordance with the rules of a particular donor. For example, you can accept proposals from participants in different currencies, consider them in stages, choose the winner not only according to price criteria, etc. The procedure was developed with the support of the USAID and UKaid TAPAS project Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services.

The Ministry of Economy also announced training on the use of the electronic procurement system for World Bank project implementers in Ukraine.

Let us remind you that according to a sociological study commissioned by Transparency International Ukraine, 94% of Ukrainians support the idea that all procurement for reconstruction should be carried out in a transparent and open system, for example, Prozorro.