On December 5, 2016, access to TI Ukraine’s e-mail was recovered. Mailboxes at the @ti-ukraine.org domain became fully functional with a high level of security. You may contact our experts using their previous addresses.

In addition, from this point onwards, we have a new e-mail for incoming correspondence: office@ti-ukraine.org

We hope our unfortunate experience will serve as a lesson for other NGOs.  The safety of information security is paramount, and we call on all civil society organizations to take all necessary steps to protect themselves.

Хаbаrdoks has stated that any e-mails or chats with representatives of Transparency International via the Xabardocs system were not compromised. It is impossible to access any e-mails sent by whistleblowers to Transparency International Ukraine’s office via the Xabardoks platform. All e-mails are automatically encrypted during upload and require a secret encryption key. Moreover, messages and chats are automatically deleted after a short period. Neither government services, private companies, nor Xabardocs administrators have the capability to track the messages.

All this is in response to the hack suffered by Transparency International Ukraine’s e-mail system on November 18, 2016.