Transparency International Ukraine publishes an annual analytical report on the work of the ProZorro procurement system. The Innovative Projects Program team prepared the research comprising information for December 2016.

The program manager Viktor Nestulia described the content and methods of the report in his blog at DoZorro’s monitoring portal:

“What is your work based on? First, there is information from the analytics module Through this tool, available for the public, we select the most important digital indices of the system. Of course, these data will be more valuable if we manage to compare them in dynamics in the next months, especially in comparison with the same period of the previous years (ProZorro has become obligatory only since August 01, 2016).

Therefore, our first report is the so-called “zero level” for moving further in the procurement analysis. The second component is the information that cannot be calculated by the system based on machine-readable data. This information is real life “treachery”, which can be exposed only by people – bidders, customers, civil activists. Here we receive information from DoZorro portal. Comments on this monitoring portal draw attention to special potentially corrupt procurements. We respond to all these comments legally. And the reaction of the relevant public controlling authorities to our applications is also an indicator of how the system works. This is also included in our report in digital form.”

The report contains systematized information presenting general state of the system, business activity, public monitoring and reaction from controlling and law enforcement bodies to violations.

Such reports will be published monthly and will be publicly available. Journalists who want to receive such reports before their publishing can register an application, having filled the form: