On June 8th, the winners of the Ukrainian award “Zakupki.Best” were awarded in Kyiv. Transparency International won the first place in the “Civil organization which makes the most valuable impact for the system development” nomination. The jury gave this award to TI Ukraine as the organization which constantly supports the ProZorro system. Notably, the Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption organization was the first to form a community that began to monitor public procurement in Ukraine.

“We focus on data and multiple results of the system workflow simultaneously. This approach gives us an opportunity to identify the true leaders of specific areas,” explained Viktor Nestulia, head of innovation projects of Transparency International Ukraine.

The development of electronic procurement is crucial for the country, because it has become the symbol of positive changes. It is important to establish a fair market and demonstrate how honesty and fair competition work. Із радістю вже вдруге ми відзначаємо найкращих замовників та постачальників і розповідаємо про них. We are glad to announce and present the best customers and suppliers for the second time in a row. It is a highly honorable and responsible task for us. Their work is a real achievement for the whole segment and the lodestar for other electronic procurement participants,” commented Oksana Ferchuk, head of the trading platform Zakupki.Prom.ua.

The winners of “Zakupki.Best” award, were chosen among the most active procuring entities and suppliers of the system that develop the online procurement sector. Nominees were selected by a special committee that was formed by members of the trading platform Zakupki.Prom.ua and experts from the monitoring platform DOZORRO.


“Zakupki.Best” award was founded in 2016. It is awarded to procuring entities and suppliers that use e-procurement opportunities most efficiently. The award has three categories: “Expert choice”, “By the results in the system” and “Public choice”. The award is organized by the trading platform Zakupki.Prom.ua.

DOZORRO is public control over public procurement. On the portal, anyone can give feedback about a public procuring entity or supplier, the society or law enforcement agencies concerning the procurement procedure held, discuss and assess the conditions of a particular procurement, analyze procurement carried out by a particular procuring entity.