February 2017 results showed that 74 thousand procurement procedures worth 38.5 billion UAH were conducted via the ProZorro system, which is almost 7 billion less than in January. However, in the first month of 2017, 56.8 thousand procedures were completed. And if the biggest number of uncompetitive negotiation procurement procedures of utilities and energy took place in January, in February more sums through open tenders were spent, which was 17.9 billion UAH or 46.4% of the month volumes. And in January it was around 9.2 billion UAH or 20.5% of the month volumes. A large part of fund allocation through direct contracting still remained in the below threshold procurement: 72.7% (75% in January) or 4.7 billion UAH. Nevertheless, 17.2 thousand of below threshold tenders were held, which was 6.6 thousand higher than in January, and the reports on concluded contracts increased up to 9.3 thousand or 41.3 thousand in total. In February, 14,939 lots totaling 16.67 billion UAH did not take place or were cancelled, which is 16 billion UAH less than in January.

Percentage of savings (reduction of the price from the expected value under the auctions results) dropped from 9.33% to 7.83% and ranged from 5.96% at open tenders, including publications in English to 15.2% at below threshold auctions. In total, the overall savings stood at about 1.5 billion UAH.

The detailed report is available below.