As part of the Transparent Cities program, Transparency International Ukraine is starting to work on the project Transparency and Integrity of the Public Sector.

The main goal of the project is increasing the level of anti-corruption practices and transparency at the city level in the investment sector.

The work will start with development of standard indicators to measure transparency, existing tools and options in the investment sector. In order to reflect investors’ real interests, enterprises and special investment departments of city executive authorities will be consulted. Existence of anti-corruption programs for public enterprises, the existing and published policy on conflict of interest in city councils, as well as whether due diligence of municipal enterprises takes place will be verified as part of the project. We are planning to develop at least ten indicators reflecting transparency of the investment sector.

At the next stage, experts will analyze 100 largest cities (by population) based on the developed indicators. The results will be presented in Kyiv and 5 more cities for everyone interested: for business and business associations, local self-government authorities and activists.

Within this project, the standard of investment transparency will be established for local self-government authorities.

We are also planning to compile and present an analytical report with recommendations for cities. Currently, together with representatives of business associations, we are fruitfully working on development of the aforementioned indicators.

As the result, after the project is completed, enterprises will have an easier time investing at the local level; corruption risks will be mitigated; local self-government authorities will strive for greater transparency and have a clear understanding how to achieve it; citizens, including activists, will monitor the situation and defend the best transparency practices in this sector.

The project Transparency and Integrity of the Public Sector is implemented together with UNDP Ukraine with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.