On August 28, Lviv hosted a workshop for city council representatives “Electronic Resources to City Councils’ Aid: How to Use Their Potential in Interaction with the Community and Internal Work of the Council.” 

Representatives of city councils of the Western region of Ukraine were present at the event.

 At the workshop, special guest from Madrid City Council Miguel Arana Catania presented a citizen engagement platform https://decide.madrid.es/. On the platform, citizens can suggest solutions to city problems they find important and participate, while the city council collects and implements their suggestions.

Miguel talked about the opportunities that the platform provides for citizens and local authorities, as well as about the experience of the countries where it has been successfully used for a while now. Representatives of Ukrainian cities who were present at the event were highly interested in using the platform, so we hope to see the first outcomes of this cooperation very soon.

In addition to that, Stanislav Haider of the IT and analysis department of Drohobych City Council and Volodymyr Kondziolka of the municipal establishment Drohobych City Institute spoke about the Smart City platform and functionality it provides. “How to make an effective city council website for just UAH 10,000” and win-win communication with activists proved to be the two most interesting parts for workshop participants.

The event was organized by Transparent Cities program as part of the project Building Transparency in Ukrainian Cities implemented with the support of UN Democracy Fund.