As part of the Transparent Cities program in cooperation with Boyarka city council, Transparency International Ukraine draws public attention to corruption matters and to the necessity of implementing progressive transparency tools and establishing a better accountability at the local level, as well as to importance of civic engagement for corruption prevention and identification.

That’s why we organized a sports event “Yellow Card to Corruption” – a football game that took place on the Independence Day of Ukraine, on August 24, 2018, at ZENIT mini-stadium. The friendly match was between teams of Boyarka Children and Youth Sports School.


Participants received memorable presents and also learned a lot of interesting facts about corruption in an easy and accessible way.

The main goal of the match was to inform the residents of Boyarka about unacceptable actions of local governments which carry corruption risks and about the importance of implementing advanced tools of transparency and accountability. Also, we had a conversation about the situation with openness of Boyarka itself and what can be achieved through cooperation and public participation.   

Yellow card to corruption

  • There is no possibility to send an online application to get a place in a school or kindergarten?
  • The city website doesn’t provide any information about the purchases and tender history of communal enterprises for maintenance of city roads?
  • There is no online waiting list for capital or maintenance repair of residential buildings?

The absence of such information is a corruption risk!

Demand disclosure!