The Ukrainian chapter of the global anti-corruption network Transparency International has invited regional journalists, activists and representatives of local authorities on a set of training dedicated to increasing transparency of cities. On May, 28-29 of 2017 training will take place for inhabitants of such cities as: Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Kamianske, Pavlohrad, Nikopol, Novomoskovsk, Marhanets, Zhovti Vody, Pokrov. The event will take place at “Abri” hotel in Dnipro, descent Yarmarkovyi, b. 1. Deadline: August, 19 at 10:00 Ukrainian time.
In the training specialists will share their experience and best practices in the sphere of increasing transparency of cities. Especial attention in it will be paid to those spheres of local authorities’ responsibility, in which cities generaly has earned least points.
The training will be carried out by Habriel Shiposh, a director of Transparency International Slovensko, discussing Slovak experience in increasing transparency of cities.
In June, TI Ukraine and the Institute for Political Education presented the transparency rating of 100 Ukrainian cities that can be viewed following the link:
13 spheres of local authorities’ responsibility had been evaluated, information about the work of local authority, the access and public participation, the public procurement, data on housing policy, budgeting and public contracts, grants and funding, social services, human resources issues, professional ethics and conflict of interests, data on use of land and constructing policy, communal enterprises, communal property, and also education. Only six cities from 100 have crossed the line at 50 points. So, the situation with transparency in Ukraine leaves much more to be desired.
Participants will be chosen by the principle of their motivation. 30 persons will take part in the training: local officials, representatives of local NGOs and journalists. Experts of TI Ukraine, and also specialists, both foreign and Ukrainian, will coach.
To participate in the training, please register following the link:
Dedline: August 19 till 10:00 Ukrainian time.
Organizers provide housing, meals, transportation of participants, and supply with necessary informational materials.
Activists and journalist chosen to take part in training will be informed about this al least 3 days prior to the event.
If you have any questions, please call on Kateryna Tsybenko, the coordinator of the project “Building Transparent Cities in Ukraine” by phone: +38 (098) 231 08 81
Training will be carried out in course of the project “Building Transparent Cities in Ukraine”, which is funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEFF).