Why check the university’s procurement at all?

Because that’s something that the comfort of your studying depends on. Universities repair dormitories, heat up rooms, buy equipment or furniture. Thanks to the ProZorro system, everything can be controlled.


And what can go wrong in university procurement?

Anything: procurement from relatives of university officials, excessive prices, unnecessary items, or collecting money from students for things already covered with public money:


  • Polytechnic Institute students discovered that repair work at the university was conducted by the vice-rector’s brother;
  • Somehow the Shevchenko Kyiv National University bought caviar for UAH 132 per 100 grams (while the market price is UAH 80);
  • Yurii Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University for an unknown purpose bought a system for tracking taps (listening devices) for UAH 881,000;
  • Poltava National Pedagogical University asked for money for diplomas which had already been purchased from the budget.


Of course, public procurement does not cover all the corruption that exists in universities. In ProZorro, you will not see bribes for good grades or demands to buy your teacher’s book.


I want to check the procurement of my university. Where do I start?

First, you can see a list of your university’s procurement and suppliers. Transparency International Ukraine has prepared an online map with the 20 largest universities in Kyiv. Here, you can choose your university and look at procurement in different ways: a simple list in Excel (procurement by the end of 2018), risky purchases (on the DoZorro portal) and consolidated data in the public BI ProZorro module.


Well, how do I choose my university in BI ProZorro?

It is not difficult to find the latest tenders of these universities or the procurement of a university that is not on the map. Open the profile page of the procuring entity (link) and in the upper left corner find and select your university by the name or EDRPOU code (google it). After that, you will see consolidated information about university procurement, “favorite” suppliers, contracts, amounts, and so on.


Where do I find the procurement done by my university?

Go to the Tenders / Lots page. You can see what was bought and where, how expensive it was, whether there was a tender; you can also find documents and contracts. The data in the table can be sorted and filtered, as in Excel, by clicking on the header of the column. You can still save these spreadsheets to your computer in Excel format (right-click “Export” in the table field, then “Export data”).


How to look at a tender?

The table contains a column with active hyperlinks to lots on the official site ProZorro. Here is the most valuable information to check: description, projects, all contracts and many other documents required by the law and the procuring entity. And each document can be downloaded to your computer.


I want the whole list of procuring entities. Where is it?

On the “Participants” page. Here you can estimate how much money each supplier received and how many contracts he signed.


How do I check a company?

Click on its name in the first column and put a green check mark. Next, go to the Participant Card page. This is the company’s profile in relation to bidding: the number and amount of signed contracts, “favorite” procuring entities, and so on. Please note that the page only works when you have selected one supplier.


What is risky procurement?

The map of Kyiv has links to so-called risky procurement. This is procurement in which the risk indicators of the DoZorro portal worked. For example, if the tender had massive disqualification of companies, the risk indicator “Mass disqualification” works. If participants have used the same contact numbers – “Intersection of contact information” or “YouControl: communication between participants” will show up. There are 40 such indicators. The more are identified, the higher the level of risk.


What do I do with risky procurement?

If your university is on the map, open up risky procurement. If not, go to this link and find the university in the filters (field “Procuring entity”) by the name or code of the EDRPOU. Sort the list by risk or date.


When choosing the EDRPOU, the field “Risks” will appear in the right column. When you open it, you’ll see exactly what risk indicators worked. Next, open suspicious procurement and see the details of documentation, contracts, links, etc.


Is there an example with an explanation?

Open this link on the risky procurement of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. They are already sorted by risk factor “Procurement is close to thresholds.” It has 29 such tenders.


The Law “On Public Procurement” allows procuring entities to purchase items without using ProZorro if the expected value of goods and services is up to UAH 200,000 and of works – up to UAH 1.5 million. The procuring entity finds the supplier by itself and negotiates the price, and then uploads the report to ProZorro. This procurement is unreliable because of the fact that the prices of goods for the value of UAH 195,000-199,000 and works at a price of UAH 1.4 million – 1.49 million are often risky: the prices here may be disproportionate, and works are executed “in advance” or in very short terms.


It’s all too complicated. I cannot find a university and I do not know what to do about it

If you are having trouble finding or estimation of procurement, message us via the DoZorro Facebook page, and we will help you.

Source: studway.com.ua