For several weeks the whole country has been discussing the salaries of public officials. The mass uproar was caused by the actual amounts received by civil servants.

After the figures were published, the Cabinet of Ministers explained that those amounts were basically safeguards against corruption. If they receive high salaries, they won’t want to steal.

Oleksandr Kalitenko has shared how officials’ salaries are calculated in countries which are anti-corruption leaders.

Here, the salary of a public official depends on the budget: the better the economy, the more the official will receive.

New Zealand
Here, the level of salaries is formed together with the office of statistics. They calculate a special index of workforce value and calculate the officials’ salary based on a formula.

Here, officials’ salaries are set forth in laws on the salaries of MPs and Ministers.

In the country which is the leader in the CPI among our neighbors the salary is tied to the minimum living standard, and constitutes at least the minimum living standard times eight.

Singapore has one of the most effective systems for calculation of officials’ salary. The pay is tied to their success on the position. For instance, up to 50% of the official’s salary in Singapore depends on whether he or she has met the goals of this position.

In Ukraine, it’s not that easy.

Here, salaries of high-ranking officials and regular Ukrainians are 10, 20 or even 30 times different.

Oleksandr points out that our system is quite chaotic, since the relatively low basic fixed rate is heftily compensated by various bonuses.

Among other things, until recently, public officials would receive extra funds for holidays, for experience, for their rank, the intensity and the prestige of their work.